Sunday, June 8, 2008

Recent Geocaching Excursions

Last week Scott and Darla Anderson were in Bismarck and we went geocaching on Sabbath with them along the Missouri River. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed each other's friendship. It was their first time and they enjoyed it very much.

This past Sabbath, during campmeeting, we went to a couple right by DAA with Kimber and Tami and some other friends. We had a great time in God's beautfiul nature.
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Biking on a Warm Summer Day, Oh, Yeah!

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Motorcycle Mama

Yes, I am a motorcycle mama! I bought this Kawasaki 800 Vulcan Classic this spring. The boys each have a motorcycle so we go riding together. Breighton has a crotch rocket so he rides single, but Bart and I each carry one of the girls and we are set for a beautiful day of cruising. We mostly go pleasure riding, but if I just need something small from WalMart, I will take my bike. I have driven it to work a few times as well and with gas $4 a gallon, I will likely take it more.

Yes, I wear a helmt.......always!

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A Blog - Getting Things Started!!!

In my "old" age, I am being urged into being techy savvy. Who would have thunk! I am learning to cherish the special moments. Things are beginning to take on new meaning for me. The prospect of sharing some of my special moments with you is neat. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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